Expo 2020

Wayfinding design

First concept designs for Expo 2020 in Dubai – wayfinding and identity work, general design strategy, different scale sign types and furniture concepts – both static and digital. In cooperation with Space Agency Design and HOK, London.

Client: Expo 2020 Bureau
Date: 2015
Services: Concept design

Architectural alignment


Initial ideas & sketches

Signage catalogue

A. Floor-based

B. Freestanding Touchscreen

C. Freestanding totem

D, E. Wall-based – static & digital

F. Suspended

G. Entrance / Information Walls

G. * Modular bus shelter (legacy mode transformation)

H. CoEx Flat Panel

I. Arrival Visitor Information Stand

J. Shading Structure

K. Welcome bridge

L. Souk signage