Made to Measure

Pop-up store concept

Creating the future of „made to measure” experiences using one of a kind body scanning technology and creating intrigue around the brand and in-store concept.

Client: Engage Works
Date: 2018
Services: Concept Design

The frontage is designed to be a digital wardrobe for passing guests. Minimal and clean, large scale sweeping glass panels will evoke premium feel and offer glimpses inside the store. The user interface will appear as a huge luxury wardrobe allowing to flick through the different outfits. The door handle will be the first official touch point – made as a large QR code.

Interior space informs customers about the quality and process through a compelling brand story – tells a brand narrative from start to finish. Later guests are invited on an immersive experience, hidden throughout a fitting room. They will be scanned there, whilst also creating a live piece of art on the screen in front of them. After being measured, they will be invited to try on the selected outfits in arranged spaces matching the real life situations.

Project created in cooperation with Engage Works.