Wood Wharf

Marketing Suite

Wood Wharf, the new district within the Canary Wharf Estate, represents the Commercial and Retail offering. The goal was to create a unique space which is primarily focused on the brand experience allowing to break away from the homogeny of the standard sales process.

Client: Engage Works
Date: 2017
Services: Concept Design & Visualization
Location: London, UK

Designed sales suite provides top level overview of Wood Wharf district as a development. Divided into 5 areas, experience starts with a long, tactile corridor leading to an inner courtyard with large, projected cube. Each side of the cube tells a story about the brand and illuminates the space. Interactive, engaging pieces of software installed on two levels are showcasing key assets – CGI’s, floorplans etc. Technology is subtle yet powerful, creating an exciting and memorable brand experience.

Project created in cooperation with Engage Works.