The Void

Exhibition stand

Project of an installation announcing the upcoming movie premiere. The main objective was to create a great illusion of paralell, virtual world that appears in the movie without showing any filmed scenes. Visitors were given the opportunity to take a look inside and experience it – feel the atmosphere, observe the changes of ambient lighting and experience being pulled into this vast space, constantly changing just above their heads.

Client: School project
Date: 2014

Design was based on the usage of strong, black forms mounted on the ceiling. Most of them empty inside, but the ones focusing on the central area were filled with digital screens. When it comes to shapes, the upper forms are an obvious reminiscent of wide seats on the ground level. They were designed to be as comfortable as possible, so the visitors would be able to sit or lay down on them and look directly into the illusionary world displayed on screens.

What’s compelling, the visual show can be enhanced by projections and holograms to make the experience even more intense – and help visitors to forget completely about the oppressive everyday reality and provide with the momentary feeling of closeness, given by imagined world in return.