Lusail Boulevard

World of Wonders

Indoor leisure and entertainment centre offering a vast variety of exciting attractions and games from high-flying thrills to digital, immersive experiences.

Client: 3AM.DIGITAL | Aura Group
Date: 2021
Services: Experience & Exhibition Design
Launched in early 2023, WOW – World of Wonders – Park is located on Lusail Boulevard, Qatar.
A unique three-level structure is divided into 5 thematic zones, catering to guests of all ages.
Volcano | Arctic | Sea | Space | Jungle
Presented below is the concept design stage created for 3 thematic zones.
Client: 3AM.DIGITAL | Aura Group
Co-designer: Maria Wójcik
Welcome Globe
Centrally located globe greets the visitors in the main lobby. A digital sphere with teaser projections of each zone starts the experience the moment you walk into the WOW. Content presented on the globe is reflected over the surrounding half-dome.
Jungle Zone
Ultimate explore & play area with impressive multi-level structure expanding throughout the space. Enhanced and secured with netting on all levels, it allows the introduction of various ecosystems from the bottom of dense forests to treetops. The space is filled with sounds of the jungle, animals and projections making it a truly immersive experience. The hero of the jungle is its light – a customized warm-to-white ‘sun’ in the corner of the area, surrounded and hidden by great foliage and greenery allowing the effect of sun rays contrasting with the sharp greens.
VR Experience – Tetrachromacy
Experiencing tetrachromacy – the ability to see different spectrum of colours, unable to be noticed by the human eye. By wearing a VR headset, visitors explore the digitally enhanced image of a jungle in a completely different colour space than before – as seen by various species.  
Virtual Zoo
While exploring the Jungle, visitors meet various kinds of virtual animals – different for each part and level of the space. They are visible from a distance and come closer as visitors approach them, mimicking their movements. It is an opportunity to learn about species, play with them using AR-integrated features and “feed” using virtual food.
Space Zone
Embark on a journey through outer space, beginning with an interactive welcome tunnel shaped like a wormhole. Pulses of light emphasize the sensation of travelling through space and time, leading into a high-tech interior filled with a variety of experience stations.
Black Hole
Educational and fun activity using Vanta Black painted table and sets of glowing marbles. The surface of the table is so dark that it alters the human perception of three-dimensional space, tricking the eyes and teaching about the physics of black holes.
Outer Space
Centrally situated within the zone, a giant cylinder encapsulates a nebula. Beautifully lit and projected, the kinetic composition inside presents the spectacle of star creation – from its beginning until the very end. The cylinder gives a feeling of infinite space captured inside and creates an exciting opportunity for a glimpse into this process in a relaxing environment.
Mars Exploration
Resembling the planet’s rough terrain, elevated parts of the floor create an environment for various missions completed by the visitors using available space rovers. The ground is divided with LED stripes and level marks, guiding the way during each task. Missions start at the briefing station equipped with a digital table and a real-size rover model.
Suspended over the rough terrain is a futuristic spaceship, accessible via a lit-up ramp. It consists of a few experience areas including interactive cockpit and command bridge. Visitors can follow different scenarios while on the space trip –  avoiding the asteroids, approaching the space station or chasing off aliens. By using digital touch screens and adjustable controllers on the panel boards, guests can take part in the flight and get real-time feedback from the projected content.
Space Mission
There are several interactive stations available, each with a unique activity centered around preparing for a space mission. These activities cover a variety of topics, such as constructing a spacecraft, designing a custom space suit using digital mirrors, and learning about star constellations through interactive wall painting.
Sea Zone
At the heart of the space lies a digital aquarium that boasts a vast collection of sealife. Visitors can engage with virtual content through wall and floor projections. For instance, they can control groups of fish swimming through the walls using gestures and motion. The Digital Lens is another prominent feature, which enables visitors to explore different parts of the sea and obtain additional information through an enhanced digital layer of content. As guests delve deeper into the aquarium, the lighting and colors gradually change, creating a natural progression into the deeper parts of the ocean.
In the area beyond, there is a modern submarine that has a bubble-shaped, shiny cockpit. The entrance is located at the base, and it can be accessed through a circular ramp. Upon entering the bubble, there is a 360-degree view of the surroundings, which includes digital displays and seats positioned all around. Each seat has its own screen and controls to begin the process of cleaning the ocean floor. Visitors are tasked with using digital robotic arms to remove plastic waste from the sea in front of them.
UV Creature Search
This area showcases the narrative of the ocean’s deepest regions. Equipped with subdued UV lights, visitors can explore the cave system, where the adventure begins. With the aid of interactive flashlights, guests can scour the caves for concealed sea creatures. They may discover jellyfish, a variety of luminous reefs, and numerous other underwater species and acquire knowledge about them.