Expo 2020 Colombia Pavilion

The rhythm that connects the future

With a vibrant and innovative experience, the country Pavilion invites visitors to awaken their senses and connect with the rhythm of its culture, business and tourism. Visitors get to know Colombia through the music scene, extraordinary landscapes, the warmth of its people and cultural richness.

Date: 2021
Services: Experience & Exhibition Design

Built in lush greenery, the open construction of the Pavilion is full of light and exposes the diversity of Colombia.

It offers a space sequence of four sectors that the visitors will explore in three levels and a vertical mezzanine, traversing from one side to another. The tour starts in the bottom floor and moves all the way up to the fourth floor, alternating open music interactions with controlled immersive experiences.


Expo 2020 Dubai – Colombia Pavilion – Opportunity District
Bronze Award – Category: Theme Interpretation – Self-built pavilions smaller than 1,750m2
Exhibition Design: Joanna Gronowska
Main Contractor: ASI-AE


Box 1 – Chiva Bus
The first experience is the Chiva Bus ride – a typical vehicle used for transportation in Colombia. 
Surrounded by large format screens, visitors can sit inside the lightweight bus construction and enjoy the views displayed behind the digital windows. They are welcomed in the city of Bogota and start the journey through the country. With a Chiva LED framework reflected over the floor and the ceiling, the ride gets a modern, futuristic feel and gives an extra level of immersion.  


Box 2 – Amazonas Observation Deck
Visitors enter the platform to observe the landscapes of Colombia. Flying through its different regions, above the Amazon River and through the treetops, they can experience the beauty of nature, its biodiversity and history. 
The vistas are reflected over the ceiling and below the glass balustrade, enhancing the feeling of vast, open space seen right from the platform edge. Screens are also embedded into the floor, providing extra perspective from below the deck.


Box 3 – Drum Experience
Entering a Colombian Pacific region, visitors find themselves in front of a large, curved screen and a local set of drums. 
Digital tutors guide them through two music experiences – drum and salsa lessons. Drums light up during the experience, helping visitors to follow the rhythm and create their own beats.


Box 4 – Invest and Explore
A multi-purpose space, serving both visitors and business clients, depending on the current Pavilion event. Presenting local artists, investments and opportunities in a minimal, digital interior enhanced with beautiful greenery – a true canvas to present the Colombian potential. It covers two modes – experiential, dark and focused on digital content and a light business mode – with an open terrace to create a larger space. 

Business / Visitor Mode

Concept Design – Carnaval / Music of the Amazon Mode